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Toxic Exposure

Exposure to dangerous chemicals can cause serious injury or even death. Proving injury and causation (that the chemical caused injury), can be challenging and largely depends on the size of the dose and the duration of exposure. Toxic exposure cases require attorneys with expertise in toxicology, epidemiology, and other sciences. Our toxic and chemical exposure lawyer has the expertise necessary to handle your case.

Water Contamination

We can thoroughly evaluate the issues and legal options associated with threats to domestic and agricultural water supplies, including those caused by:

  • Oil and gass well site accidents

  • Fracturing by energy companies in an attempt to maximize recovery of oil and natural gas

  • Environmental accidents

  • Underground storage tank leaks resulting in groundwater and land contamination

  • Violations of state and federal regulations covering benzene or other chemical levels in drinking water

Chemical Leaks & Spills

We strive to give people a powerful, effective voice against corporations that try to avoid responsibility for chemical leaks and spills – whether these accidents cause personal injury, death or lasting damage to property rights and values. Our knowledge and resources enable us to thoroughly evaluate potential legal actions involving:

  • Chemical or oil leaks, whether revealed or undisclosed to the public, at our region’s many aging petrochemical plants and other industrial facilities

  • Water, Land, or air contamination of private property caused by the negligence of energy companies and their contractors during the exploration, development or production of oil and gas reserves, whether due to leaking storage tanks, pipes, valves or other equipment, the use of open-air storage ponds for refuse, or because of other negligent and careless acts

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