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Personal Injury

Weintraub Law fights for those in need – a mission that takes on special meaning for us in representing people who have suffered catastrophic personal injuries. When those injuries are the result of malice or negligence, we aggressively pursue justice for our clients. We have seen time and again just how devastating catastrophic injuries can be for our clients, affecting all areas of their lives – physical, emotional, and financial – for years, and even decades. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to make our clients whole.

We know that our clients and their families cannot turn back the clock to avoid the catastrophic injuries that have changed their lives, but Weintraub Law's attorneys are dedicated to taking all necessary steps to obtain the justice and financial recoveries our clients and their families need to make the years going forward as secure, bright, and full of opportunity as possible

Handling All Injuries

Weintraub Law has a wealth of experience in successfully obtaining large settlements and verdicts for catastrophic injury victims across the spectrum of accident types, including:

  • Medical malpractice related injuries

  • Car, truck, boating, and cycling injuries

  • Injuries relating to defective products

  • Sporting-related and recreational injuries

  • Injuries occurring from  violent/criminal acts

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