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Defective Products

Whether it’s an industrial machine, a household product, a vehicle, a tool or a toy, a product must be made reasonably safe. All foreseeable hazards must be identified by the manufacturer. Then these hazards need to be designed away, guarded against or warned about. In a severe injury case involving a product such as burns, amputation, crush injuries or death, all theories of liability need to be examined. Was there a manufacturing defect, a defective design, improper warning or a violation of federal standards such as OSHA or ANSI?


Our experienced defective product lawyers are passionate about holding these companies accountable and making sure you have every opportunity to be properly compensated. We stand ready to guide you throughout the process. We have the knowledge and resources to properly investigate your claim and fight for you. It costs you nothing to find out your options.

Contact An Experienced Defective Products Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, you will need an experienced defective products lawyer.  Call Weintraub Law today for a free consultation.

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