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Oil Field Injuries

As oil and gas drilling continues to rapidly expand in the United States, companies have a vital responsibility to hire capable workers, properly train them, and equip them with the latest safety gear and protocols.  Oil and gas companies often prioritize demand for production over caution for human life.  Injuries can occur due to overworked employees, defective or misused equipment, and exposure to harmful environmental conditions, or explosions.


Weintraub Law is an accomplished oil field injury law firm that conducts extensive investigations into the physical and cultural factors surrounding on-the-job oil and gas incidents. These liabilities are often endemic within the workplace, and our goals are to hold the company accountable to our clients while also identifying its missteps so that they can be avoided in the future.


Oil field injuries often result from the following:

  • Unsecured rigs, infrastructure or machinery

  • Defective tools or materials

  • Lack of updated safety equipment

  • Outdated pipelines that result in explosions or environmental contamination

  • Inadequate break or rest periods leading to inability to focus while operating machinery (including oil and gas transportation vehicles)

  • Lack of proper signage or labeling

  • Lack of employee training or certification requirements

  • When your employer and their insurance company conduct their internal investigation, they will try everything to avoid being found negligent. Unfortunately, this often means the blame is passed on to the victim.


Contact Weintraub Law Today

Recovering from an oil field injury be long and complicated, but we’re here to help. Our personal injury attorney is experienced in these matters and will help you.  Contact Weintraub Law today for a free consulation.

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