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Medical Malpractice

During hospital stays, doctor visits and routine medical procedures, a variety of serious healthcare issues can arise as a result of a healthcare provider’s mistake.

Surgical Errors & Abandoned Foreign Objects

Errors can occur in a surgical procedure, or if the surgeon performs an unnecessary procedure on a patient. Abandonment of a foreign object refers to situations when the doctor accidentally leaves a foreign object, such as a medical sponge, inside a patient’s body.

Administering the Wrong Medication

Medication errors occur during the prescription and the delivery of medication to patients. Prescribing errors can happen when two or more drugs whose interaction is known to produce side effects are prescribed, if a drug to which the patient is known to be allergic is given, or if a drug is prescribed in the wrong dosage.

Wrong-route errors occur when a medication is administered via a route different than the intended route; there are many different methods for delivering a medicine (parenterally, enteral, oral, intravenously, intrathecally and intramuscularly) and there are not enough safeguards to ensure medicines are not administered inappropriately.

Failure to Diagnose or a Misdiagnosis

Incorrect medical diagnoses or misdiagnoses can lead to incorrect or ineffective treatment, and unnecessary testing. In some cases it can even lead to a much needed test being overlooked by medical providers.

Hospital Infections

Patients can acquire life-threatening infections from hospital stays.

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