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Many people who have experienced physical and/or financial injury at the hands of a massive defendant can feel intimidated, confused, and even hopeless about their chances of obtaining the significant financial recovery that will fully and adequately compensate for all of their injuries.  We pursue aggressive and creative litigation strategies that force even the most powerful defendants to pay victims what they are owed.



Whatever the product or its size, consumers have reasonable expectations about what that product is supposed to do. Consumers expect products to be safe if used for their intended purpose.  People who get injured or suffer harm while using or being exposed to a product, may be able to seek compensation or restitution from the manufacturer. Weintraub Law has the expertise to successfully litigate defective product claims.


Despite laws to protect people and the environment, pollution and contaminants generated by companies that negligently handle their chemical waste still poison our air, soil, and water, placing people’s lives and livelihoods in jeopardy. Consequences of corporate misconduct include property damage and plummeting property values. Health hazards include cancer, birth defects, and disabilities.  Weintraub Law is dedicated to holding accountable those responsible for causing these injuries and making wrongdoers pay compensation to their innocent victims.


When business owners or investors have experienced financial injury as a result of financial fraud, breach of contract, anti-competitive practices, intellectual property theft, defective products, or other financial misdeeds, Weintraub Law has the legal and technological resources, wealth of experience, and creative approaches to effectively fight for justice on your behalf.



We understand maritime and admiralty law and represent a wide range of clients, including recreational boat owners and large maritime companies. Whether you were hurt on a cruise ship due to the condition of the ship, or you are the owner of a boat who was hurt because another boat captain was boating under the influence, Weintraub Law can help you. Our lawyers have experience handling these types of cases, along with defending vessel owners who face lawsuits tied to seaman injuries under the Jones Act.


If you have been injured by a defective drug or device, winning recovery often means having to go to battle against some of the largest pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers in the world. Weintraub Law has a long history of successfully investigating, litigating, and winning enormous settlements and verdicts on behalf of individuals across the country who have been seriously injured by defective drugs and medical devices. 

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